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The euphon (euphone in French) is a revolutionary musical instrument invented in 1789 by the physicist Dr. Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni (1756 - 1827), of which he made a first version in 1790. It's an evolution of Benjamin Franklin's glass harmonica (1706 -1790). From his works and those of his "travelling scientists" successors, the euphon was renamed by these manufacturers, and in the 20th century, regenerated and magnified in the form of Lasry-Baschet sound structures and sculptures (glass organ, 1955 / Cristal Baschet 1970).

The euphone (French translation) is now designed by master instrument maker and virtuoso Dr. Frédéric Bousquet (1974), right-hand man of the baschet brothers and designer of the Baschet cristal from 1997 to 2013, musicologist in aesthetics, Science and technology of art and CEO of TitaniumSound.

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Frédéric Bousquet makes euphones of astonishing quality and beauty. Hearing one of his instruments for the first time is the sonic equivalent of discovering a new primary colour: it greatly expands the palette of sounds available to contemporary composers/performers

Jesse Stewart, composer/percussionist, Canada


To commemorate the 230th anniversary of the birth of the Euphone, Deep Tech Titanium Sound is making the world's first instrument entirely out of aerospace titanium!

Welcome to the third millennium of sound!


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Since 1998, I have designed 40 concert euphones, more than anyone else, with and for as many fascinating artists, who have given a sublime tone to my life as a researcher and craftsman

Dr. Frédéric Bousquet, inventor and master craftsman in contemporary instrument making

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