Sound pedagogy: music as you hear it, according to the possibilities of each person !

What is Ludophones™?

LUDOPHONES™ are cleanable and sterilizable melodic percussion instruments. They are intuitive, attractive, original and tuned, forming an EDUCATIVE INSTRUMENTARIUM.

The Ludophones™ are designed for practices in sound and music pedagogy from the awakening to the sound world to early childhood, specialized environments, the hospital world, music teaching and National Education.

If their circular layout is privileged, various geometrical and colored paths can be invented. From musical awakening to instrumental practice and interpretation, through sound and then musical creation, LUDOPHONES™ are the basis for individual and collective sound games.


What is sound pedagogy™ ?

An extension of the so-called "creativity awakening" pedagogies that appeared at the end of the 20th century, Frédéric Bousquet defines under the concept of "sound pedagogy" a set of inductive means that promote our perception of the sound world and our involvement in it. He distinguishes 4 primordial phases :

  1. Discovery of the sound world,

  2. Exploration of the sound world,

  3. Sound creation,

  4. Musical creation and interpretation.

Les pratiques en pédagogie sonore favorisent la prise de conscience de l’environnement sonore et de l’autre. A partir de la curiosité et du désir suscités, l’écoute et l’engagement psychomoteur sont mobilisés. Un processus de psycho socialisation et une attitude comportementale liée à l’expression et à la compréhension du projet musical s’établissent. Le passage à l‘acte et la récupération, selon les possibilités de chacun, l’élaboration et la réalisation d’une œuvre commune ramènent le pratiquant à vivre l’instant présent. Cette ouverture au collectif créé une spirale vertueuse, une induction, caractérisée par une motivation par l’exemple, qui permet une prise de conscience des acquis, un basculement entre des systèmes abstraits et concrets.

« We tested the funny instruments: In front of these musical treats with acidulous colors, it is impossible to resist: as soon as you settle down, you grab the sticks and start exploring the new instruments. A joyful din follows! It taps, it rubs, it shakes. Some instruments produce an incredible echo, others a rather dull sound. The workshop aims to "open us to the world of sound, outside of stereotypes (...) With the toddlers, we work on the parent-child relationship, through vibratory perceptions. With the elderly, we find gestures, repertoires, sociability. The half hour flies by. When we leave, we think we've understood why music softens the mood: everyone finds what they need! »
Emeline Collet, 1/06/2018, LE PARISIEN.

The result of 20 years of research and experimentation, Ludophones are present in more than 1,500 institutions in 28 countries to date.

Innovative specifications :

Correspondence and evolution of the European sanitary and safety standards: bacteria, saliva, urine, blood, etc. towards cleanable and sterilizable musical instruments, for totally healthy collective or institutional practices !

  • Designed for early childhood, specialized and hospital environments, school and music education, museums and media libraries!

  • Unbelievable sound quality: outdoor installation possible!

  • Robust and non-obsolescent material, maintenance-free, guaranteed for life

  • Natural harmonic mode tuning.

  • Evolution or regeneration of traditional and ancient instruments: Kalimbas, musical bows, psalterion, metal harps, nail violin, etc.

« A healthy musical practice without preliminary solfeggio according to the possibilities of each one! For practices in sound pedagogy! »
Dr Frédéric Bousquet, designer and pedagogue

Supersonic, a book on sound pedagogy

Playful, intuitive, accessible and inclusive sound and music practices based on each person's abilities!

"SUPERSONIC, Introductory Principles of Sound Pedagogy" (LUGDIVINE Edition) presents 250 tracks of sound games from sound exploration and musical awakening to musical learning, the elaboration of soundscapes: educational and cultural action, cultural mediation, conducting sound projects, artistic day care centers, sound naps, musicalized readings, etc.

The educational principle

A non-stereotypical opening to the world of sound!

For 25 years, the Ludophones™ have been created in conjunction with composers, pedagogues, teachers, and specialized educators. A philosophical principle is at the base of the sound games proposed around the Ludophones™, the blossoming through artistic expression:

Wonder - Curiosity - Learning - Knowledge - Conceptualization

From musical awakening to practice, depending on the possibilities of each person, the LUDOPHONES™ are the basis of individual and collective sound games. If their circular layout is preferred, various geometric and colored paths can be invented. An extension of the so-called "creativity awakening" pedagogies, the practices promote awareness of the sound environment and of others. From the curiosity and desire aroused, listening and psychomotor commitment are mobilized. A process of psycho-socialization and a behavioral attitude linked to the expression and understanding of the musical project are established. The act of taking action and recovering, the elaboration and realization of a common work bring the practitioner back to live the present moment. This openness to the collective creates a virtuous spiral, a motivation by example, which allows an awareness of what has been learned, a switch between abstract and concrete systems.

The Titanium Sound network

They are from now on more than 1500 establishments, distributed on five continents, which made the acquisition of our educational instruments.

The practices in sound pedagogy, musical and educational, are plural and diversified in teaching, education and public health, essentially institutional.

PRIZE "Frederic Bousquet" - Sound pedagogy

Win the instrumental set you need for your practices!

An international jury - made up of personalities from the world of education, music, schools, specialized and hospitals - awards this prize to the winning educational project each year! Apply before December 1st to be the winning project of the year! Prize awarded in January!

Design your set

The Ludophones™ were designed in contact with educators working in early childhood, specialized and hospital settings, school and music education, museum and media library mediation staff. Also, each one has different and precise characteristics relative to its individual play, put at the service of the collective play:

  • Nature of the sound gesture: precise, imprecise, guided, etc.

  • Typology of sounds: matt, resonant, frequency spectrum, monodic or polyphonic keyboards, etc.

  • Shape of the keyboard that induces the sound gesture: geometric, natural, abstract, complex, figurative, etc.

  • Accessibility, the possibility of playing with others, materials, etc.

The following table will help you design your set. We invite you to consult us if necessary to adapt your selection to your specific needs.

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