Training courses


Training courses on sound pedagogy

Since 1992, we have trained thousands of educators to conduct sound projects through sound pedagogy.

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The proposed themes in sound pedagogy

  • Conducting a musical project (discovery & deepening)
  • Sound pedagogy in conservatories
  • Sound pedagogy in national education
  • Sound practices in hospitals
  • Sound practices in specialised environments (hospitals, disability, degenerative diseases)
  • Sound practices in media libraries
  • Interdisciplinary sound practices

Where to train ?

  • By videoconference,
  • IN SITU in your premises, in connection with regional associations,
  • At the workshop in the Cévennes National Park !


Approval from the Ministry of National Education and Youth and Sports, Associative Life.

Some references: Génopole, Ircam, Fondation Ensemble Genève, Institut Curie - Paris, Fondation Perce-neige, schools, conservatories, Institut de Formation des Musiciens Intervenants, tens of thousands of practitioners reached each year !


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